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About Us

Nadim M. Zacca, M.D. provides the highest quality of heart care, treating patients with dignity, respect and confidentiality. Many of our patients come to us with problems that they are self-conscious about and may have difficulty discussing. We assure you that we understand and are here to help.

All medical and interventional aspects of cardiovascular healthcare are handled by our office such as: High Blood Pressure plus, all Aspects of Heart Diseases All Aspects Of Diseases of the Vein and Arteries Irregular Heat beats Electrocardiography Echocardiography (Ultrasound) Nuclear Cardiology Heart Catheterization plus, all aspects of Angioplasty.

We encourage you to be actively involved in your own health care. Education plays a major role in the service we provide, thus, allowing you to make informed decisions after being provided with all available information about what is the best for you .

This office is always ready to inform you of all test results, normal or otherwise. We genuinely care about each patient and their personal situation.

We are focused on delivering the very best medical services available, while maintaining the highest level of possible comfort.

Cardiologist in Houston
Cardiologist in Houston

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