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Our Mission

The Mission of our practice is to provide healthcare services of the highest possible quality to patients locally, nationally and internationally through a fully integrated, comprehensive healthcare delivery system. Our ultimate goal is to improve the human condition through understanding, preventing, controlling and treating disease.

Our mission is to provide leadership in the development and execution of graduate medical and continuing medical educational programs for physicians, as well as programs for patients, employers, employees, and the consumer public. In so doing, we will fulfill our obligation to perpetuate knowledge through the training of other medical professionals, as well as to enhance the lives of our many other constituencies.

Likewise, our active initiation of, and participation in, clinical research is important in increasing the knowledge base about the mechanisms of the disease process. In so doing, we strive to increase the level of medical care delivered to our patients by devising more effective methods of diagnosing, preventing, and treating disease. The integration of outcomes, research, epidemiologic studies, and clinical practice enhance the experience for the patient as well as the physician. Thus all are better served.

In fulfilling the mission of this organization, we strive to occupy a special and unique place in the hearts and minds of our patients, volunteers, employees and physicians.

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